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Teh best e-commerce site EVAR!

This evening, my mom called me and asked about an error message appearing on my sister's computer, saying that it had bank account numbers, credit card numbers, etc. on it, and that anyone could access that data without taking immediate action by visiting http://yoursecurity.saidme.com/. These idiots used the Windows NT Messenger Service (NOT the AIM-like Windows Messenger) to send an error message that looked like it came from the system. The site didn't seem professionally made. Curiously, I clicked on the BUY NOW link and was brought to PayPal. Not the most professional-looking layout. I first noticed that the payment information was sent to sales@epcprivacy.com, so I checked out http://www.epcprivacy.com/. It looked even more unprofessional. I further examined the PayPal URL and discovered this little gem:


HMM. I wonder what happens if I go to http://www.epcprivacy.com/success.html? Oh look! It congratulates me for purchasing the software and gives me a download link! At no time does it verify that I actually bought it! This is the worst e-commerce system I've ever witnessed to date.

I never downloaded the software since I didn't trust it from not having spyware/adware and/or fucking up my system beyond recognition.

Out of curiousity I did a whois on the domain. Lookie at what I found:

Administrative Contact:
Phillips, Justin soulfly282@aol.com
138 Dewey St
Garfield, NJ 07026

Look! An AOLer trying to do an e-commerce site! I plan on talking to him on AIM later. Mwa ha ha.
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